Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kwela Interview - Mr Gay World


Peter Odendaal said...

welldone Charl! ( how can anybody not love you?)

Xuan du Plessis said...

Charl, great Kwela interview en ek bly trots om te se...Ek is Gay!

Anonymous said...

is that affricans? i couldn' understand anything.. lol.. Anyway, ive luved to see u doin that.. That was so cool, dude! And, what the hell, u've got into the sea?! How nuts! Clifton or Camps Bay is freakin' freeze...
Good luck and happiness in ur new life at Johannesburg!

Philipe from Brazil!

Joe & Jaco said...

Hi Charl!

We believe we all LGBTI Namibia's had the best weekend ever!
Especially with you! Thank you so much for joining our Launch event on the 24th of April 2010! We're appreciating this very much!

Since we receive so many positive comments and feedback from all Namibian's about our move and what we wanna do! But we all now that you gave us the inspiration to start our organization and we are proud that you are part with us!

We love you all and with you in our heart we will continue our project in the best way ever!

Thumbs up for all your new upcoming future projects!

See you soon!

Love Joe & Jaco and LGBT Network Namibia!

PS: Thank you for your T-shirt & Bone-wear!


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