Saturday, April 24, 2010


So firstly, i would like to apologise for being so slack on updating you all with what's been happening in 'Mr Gay Land'. I'ts been a hectic few weeks for me with major changes taking place in my life and some big choices being made. One of them of course being the resignation from my current job as manager at Cafe Manhattan Sea Point. It feels like an end of a journey for me. After three years i will be saying goodbey to the place that has played such a crucial role in me being where i am today. I would like to thank Russell and the entire RSG group for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn from you all.
The OTHER BIG step im taking is to move to Johannesburg along with Patrick, the man that has managed to grab a hold of my heart and keep it close to his. I'ts a challenge, with both of us having to deal with the fact that we have to start a life in Jozi and make a new beginning, yet it all seems ok when i realise that he is there next to me! I love Patrick, and i look forward to the new journey you and i will share!

Ok, ok, ok, so enough with the cheezzzz!!!! :)

I have just walked out of a lovely pampering session at the spa here at the Pelican Bay Hotel after an awesome day of Seal watching and oyster eating and Champaign drinking in Walvis Bay Namibia!

You might ask what the heck am i doing on this side of the world! I mean, isn't it just desert and mining and pretty much um....nothing? Well, you could see it that way, and honestly initially, so did I, but after the day I had today, I can tell you that you can watch this space because a major change is happening in Africa, and yes, it's started in Namibia!
About a month or so ago a gentleman by the name of Chris de Villiers invited me to attend the launch of their LGBTI network to be held in Walvis Bay. I agreed, and yesterday I hoppen on a flight to Namibia!

Upon arrival i had to laugh because yes, there was desert, and mining and, um...pretty much nothing, but it was the heart of the people, the sincerity and their genuine eagerness to bring about change that got my head into a flat spin and once again stirred me up. I realised that this was a community, as small as it may be, that were up for the challenge of fighting for equality for the LGBTI. From the moment i set foot on land i was welcomed like a king and shown hospitality that truly outshines most. Needless to say, it left me humbled and i want to thank all the people who were involved in getiing me to Namibia and making my stay possible! thank you to all the sponsors and organisers. Your efforts are truly noted!

I want to thank Chris and his incredible team of organisers for putting together an event that truly made an impact and brought union among its members and stirred up PRIDE! You can be proud of what you guys have acheived in four months, from 4 to 53 members!! That is incredible and i can only imagine that flame spreading into other countries as they see the change that has come about in Namibia! This is what i mean when i say "CHANGING THE WORLD ONE HEART, ONE COUNTRY ONE CONTINENT AT A TIME"!
I look forward to working with you guys in the very near future and know that you guys can count on me to be there for you! We need more of you in this world! :)

However, it is now Saturday afternoon and i am here for one more day. Tonight is the after party and tomorrow we go quad-biking in the desert!!! heeehaaaw!So lets pray i don't break my neck! lol

stay tuned for pictured. i will post them both on my facebook page and here as soon as i get back home!

Next up in line is the PINK LOERIES and the first of our Mr Gay South Africa Regional Finals!!! I will be there from Friday the 29th till Sunday 2nd May so see you all there!!!

Much love to you all, and to my new found Namibian Family! I will see you REAL SOON!


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Anonymous said...

I can't believe u quit.. Well, actually thats so expectable.. lol
Anyway, i wish u a great life, 4 u and Patrick!
Enjoy this new journey, dude!

Philipe, ur friend from Brazil

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