Friday, August 28, 2009

OMAR vs SATCHWELL: what's your ruling?

some serious comments were made by Attorney Zahir Omar about Anti-apartheid activist and Judge Kathy Satchwell concerning her actions in court, her sexual orientation and her ability to relate to what he called 'God-fearing South Aricans'.

Here are some of his comments:
on behalf of his Society for the Protection of our Constitution he told the Judicial Service Commision: "learned Judge Satchwell's unconventional lifestyle is not something that the majority of South Africans can relate to. The majority of South Africans are God-fearing and follow some or other religion. there is no religion that condones homosexuality. therefore the majority portion of the South African people will not be able to identify with the learned judge".

he also commented that 'this learned judge does not have the maturity and discipline required to fulfil the office of a Constitutional Court'.

Mr Omar seems to forget that this Judge fought for the very Constitution that his 'society' protects. if it wasnt for activists like her, there would be no constitution to protect today.
if it wasnt for activists like her, we would not have the freedom of speech that he so 'freely' uses today and our constitution would not be based on democracy and equality for ALL.

what about the God -fearing people out there who are homosexual? does this mean we dont count? do we not also form part of South Africa? are we no longer good enough to serve in a democratic society? surely WE can relate to her.
and what about those South Africans who do NOT follow a religion of some sort? do we not count anymore?

as Human Rights Commision head Jody Kollapen said, 'these types of complaints undermine the very spirit of our constitution'.


my 'ruling is this: Omar, until you sit in the judges seat, keep your opinions, judgements and complaints to yourself! and dont forget those who fought before you for the foundation that you stand on today!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok so i figured i have quite and interesting issue to chat about today!
and its concerning Caster Semenya and the issue about her sexuality. after reading in today's newspaper about the extensive tests they wanna do to 'determine' her sexuality i was a bit shocked! apparently an examination could involve a gynaecologist, and a psycologist. not to mention possible genetic testing!
the same happened to Indian sprinter Santhi Soundarajan in 2006. after she was scrutinized by other teams she too underwent 'gender verification tests'. it was found that 'she does not possess the sexual characteristics of a woman', and she was stripped from her medal!

so what do you guys think about this?
how must she feel? im sure she knows her sexuality! is is it fair then to atrip her of her medal based on phsycoligical tests or genetic testing?
i want to hear hear your input!!!


Hey there girls and boys!! ...

Welcome to my blog page. I’m Charl van den Berg, 27 and from Sea Point, Cape Town. I’m starting up this blog for some self promotion as a finalist in for the Mr. Gay South Africa competition.

Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking these beauty competitions are so narcissistic and just brainless wonder parading around in skimpy underwear working hard for that sash and sceptre. LOL! Believe me I’m not here for the glory of being South Africa’s Number 1 Moffie. I actually have a message and a sense of social responsibility that I’d like to share and winning this title will provide me with a great opportunity to contribute positively towards the South African gay community and hopefully to South Africa in general.

Although I’m painfully aware that as South Africa we have a Constitution that is based on sexual equality, I think our biggest obstacle to this equality is not what we perceive to be so called heterosexual prejudice. Our biggest obstacle to true equality is our own internal prejudice within the gay community.

I work as a manager at a gay friendly chain of restaurants. So you get to meet a wide range of people from varying creeds, orientations and races and you are certainly afforded an opportunity to realise just how diverse not only our country is, but also more specifically, how diverse the 'greater gay community' is. So I’m very often engaged in conversations from the frivolous ‘about what she is wearing’ or ‘the latest hunk d’jour’ and some serious concerns from Julius Malema and Manto, to homophobia and HIV Aids. But the topic that always gets my attention is our own internal prejudices amongst ourselves.

It baffles me that even in a minority group such as the gay community; there can still be division and prejudice. Yes, I said it: although it’s never spoken about in polite conversation we are still divided amongst lines of class, top or bottom, butch or meisle-like and especially colour. How can we ever make a stand in the world if we can’t even stand together?

So this is why I’ve started this blog. To get the gay community speaking openly about these issues and confronting, as painful as it may be, their own prejudices. So I hereby invite you to share your own experiences comments or thoughts and be actively involved and not just take a back seat to issues and challenge our own prejudices that many of us seem to do.

Apart from keeping you all updated on how the run up to the finals for Mr. Gay South Africa is going I would like for you to share some of your own experiences from day to day. It would be great to see what you guys and girls get up to, the issues that concern YOU in your own life and just day to day human experience.

Be kind to yourself and each other

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