Wednesday, March 31, 2010

UNO....DOS.....TRES......IM GAY!

Ok ok, i know what you're all thinking......i was as shocked when i heard! My favourite hip-swinging Latino....GAY!

I'm sure i speak for all you salsa lovers when i say...WE ALL KNEW! The only ones shocked i think are the (then) teeny-boppers who would give a SHRIEK at the slightest wink from the heart throb (lol). Oh well, the world has gained a GAY........and about a million FAG-HAGS! lol

But on a serious note, Ricky, i salute you! I'ts not easy coming out in an industry where being gay is still very much looked DOWN upon. Well done for being loud and proud! (I wonder who's next..... Brad....if you're there....please stand UP)

Adios Amigo

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max said...

i thought i was your favourite hip-swinging Latino gay =( haha
( i know i am ) lol

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