Monday, May 3, 2010

Post Event Press release from LGBT NAMIBIA

As a future platform to represent the LGBT community in the Namibian society, LGBT Network salutes the efforts made so far by the Rainbow Project and Sister Namibia. LGBT Network plans to make a difference in the country by uniting Namibians from all sexual orientations under the auspices of the organisation and will work closely with existing organisations to ensure that Namibia continues to foster an environment where gay, lesbian and straight Namibians can live a full and productive life and do their share towards the Namibian society.

During a spectacular event, the LGBT community has taken a step forward and launched the ‘LGBT Network Namibia’ on Saturday the 24th, to create a platform for Namibians with a unconventional sexual orientation to come together and unite with a common goal of Equality For All. LGBT Network – Namibia, stands for the proposition that all people are created equal and worthy of the same rights to freedom, liberty, and equality.

After registration the event started when the guests boarded the chartered catamarans and left from Walvis Bay Harbour. The journey carried the guests through a special interaction with the marine life towards its remote and isolated destination. Here guests was surprised by the beautiful white marquee tent dressed to impress with the rainbow flags proudly on display.
Speeches was presented by The Mayor of Walvis Bay, The British Vise Counselor, Manual, a special note from Gavin Borrageiro, Manager to Mr Gay World and a note from the controversial author, Andre Carl van der Merwe.
Guests were honoured by the speech of Mr Gay World, Charl van den Berg. His words touched the hearts of everyone present. It finally became clear that Namibia is starting to set the pace for Africa which clearly exited Charl.

The board accompanied Charl on a quad bike tour on his day of departure and so cemented a lifelong friendship. This was a big step while even bigger steps will follow. But with support from all over the world it will only be successful.

The delicious BBG was served buffet style and the guest was undoubtedly starting to enjoy themselves as they relaxed with glasses of wine.
The organisers are very thankful for the multitude of sponsors that has given so wholeheartedly. Without them, it is clear that this day would not have been as successful.

Best Regards

Chris De Villiers (Event Organiser)

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