Friday, May 14, 2010


Hey there ya'll!

Here is an interesting topic. one of my Facebook friends sent me this scenario that he is faced with in his country.
The question i want to ask you guys is this: How does changing laws really affect people? How does it affect you and I, the everyday person on the street. Take a read and give me your thoughts! Enjoy!

I dont know if you are aware of it but here in India we as homosexuals lead a taboo life...
Last year on 2nd july, Homosexuality was decriminalised by the Delhi high court, we celebrated, partied, cherished.
We have gay parties in every major city across the country every week.
We evn have big queer parade every year in every major city again.
Recently Mumbai hosted a very big event. An international queer film festival. Thy hosted nd projected more than 50 movies with varied subject, languages, country..but the same theme of Homosexuality. A big success.
But how wuld it change the life for a common individual like me?
For me i still cant hold hands in public. There are individuals brutally burned, subdued, killed for their sexuality.
Here public perceive homosexuals as demons, omen, badluck, embarassment, joke, insult, etc etc.

India is collectively made of Thousands of villages, hundreds of languages, hundreds of religions, divided in caste, creed, sect, status and power. And evn u wont deny that there is an obvious possibility that there are lakhs of my brothers who are still in closet or forced to stay in them for the sake of their lives.
How are we planning to reach them through expensive snobbish, arrogant, fake, dirty, sexually dominated meaningless parties??
Or international film festivals where entry is strictly through registration. Who attends them? You know right..higher class of intellectuals, rich social thinkers?

.We are sucking in every plan.
And i wonder why nobody wants to think real and out of the box...parties, parades, films, etc thy hav only gay crowd attending we have to target them or the common hetero homophobic or homoillitrate man?

So there you go....whats your thoughts?



Henko said...


I think decriminilising homosexuality is a step in the right direction. Someone asked me sometime when I was complaining about my mom not accepting me, when did I get out of the closet so I told him when I was 21 so he told me it took you 21 years to accept yourself dont expect from your mom to do it in two years. So guys time is of the essence unfortunately just alot of it.


Anonymous said...

I think everyone wished it was so easy. But NO, changing the law does not change the social acceptance of a community. South Africa has come a long way in the battle for same-sex acceptance, but even here you still find discrimination based on sexual orientation & homophobia - it is especially seen more often in African customs.

My thoughts… it all comes down to educating. How is one to understand a subject (or in this case - someone), if you know nothing about that person. Take India for instance, is has not even been a year since they decriminalised same sex conduct, they still need to learn more about homosexuals. It has taken South Africa more than a decade before the general public accepted homosexuality.

But I agree, it is time for governing body’s to bring in laws concerning gender identity & expressions. But it is up to us to make it happen. And the only way for us to really make a difference is standing together, standing behind a Idol & representative, like you Charl!

Your truly,

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