Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hey ya'll!

A friendly greeting here from Whistler, Canada!

It's a beautiful day here with Winter Pride kicking and going strong on its 3rd day!
I have so far had a good time here with the friendly locals, and the town filling up once again for what promises to be a good weekend! I must admit, I am yet to get on a Gondola and head up the mountain for some snowboarding (yes, I do prefer it to skiing - just looks cooler), so I'm sure that within the next two days I'll be heading up there!

Other than that I have had some good thinking time too and this has given me a great opportunity to get my 'ducks in a row' so to speak and work on what I have planned for this year. All i can say for now is that it is gonna be BIG, of GLOBAL proportions, so hold on, its going to be a GOOD year! A year, once again of PROBABILITIES!

I will try and post some pictures as soon as im able to, so please bear with me!

Hope you all are good! I'll see you S-Africans real soon again!

Love you all


arthur said...

Hey Charl,

Go work those slopes and tell tales when you back in CPT.

All the best,

#1 Fan

Anonymous said...

howzit, my friend!
I'm so glad that u has won the contest. U really deserved it! Enjoy your thunder!

Missa ya!

Phil - Brazilian dude.. (u know that.. lol)

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