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Ok, so for those of you who were wondering what the whole 'Solar Flares and such 'heading was about, i was just thinking maybe the Solar Flare had something to do with it.

Back to the Quick Question:

I recently spoke to a lady about the idea of one day wanting Children of my own. She replied with the question: "Do you think its right, I mean for Gay Couples to have kids?" I responded by asking her what she meant by that question? She said that she knows a gay couple who's kids are in the same school as her grand children, and that these kids are constantly being teased because their parents are 'diferent' that the others and she didnt feel that it was fair on the kids to be put through such issues.

So, this weeks poll is this (and im going to post the very word she asked me): IS IT FAIR ON THE KIDS TO HAVE GAY PARENTS?

Go and make your mark, and please feel free to post your own opinions on my blog. I would really love to hear both sides of the story. Especially from gay couples who do have kids.

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Armandt & Dominic Lingenfelder-Marais said...

WOW! Some great opinions that has come through. Sure one for a long term debate on what is fair for the children. In my opinion people should rather worry about the many, many children you don't have clean running water, electricity, food, a warm bed to sleep in, secure brick walls and secure stable roof to call a home. And let the people who can provide for a child be. Regardless of their personal preferences or status in life. The same question could then be asked to Bi-sexual men, women and or couple that do have children.
The community should sweep in-front of their own doors first!
Those who live in a glass house should not be the first to cast a stone.
We have just became parents to two beautiful twin boys (through surrogacy) and we get gawked at in the shopping malls by some, but I must be honest, we had more pleasant accepting responses by most people. People stop us to look at the boys and to ask us questions.
Some lady said to us the other day that she takes her hat off to us for being so brave. Bravery has got nothing to do with it, it is that human yearning to pass on or instill that was taught to you by your parents and grand-parents, aunts and uncles.
teach your children good values and instill discipline and they will remember you for loving them, caring for them and they won't bother about what is fair or not.

Humans adapt to change and change is the only constant.
Why should Gay Parents be treated different from straight parents by Home Affairs.??????

Ricky de Faria said...

Absolutely! I am an advocate for gay couples having children and families of their own, not because I myself am gay but because this idea centers around everyones basic need and right to/for love! Ultimately this is what it is about...LOVE!! Who dares to say that as gay men and women we love less than straight men and women. For the majority of people, they don't HAVE kids because society says that we need to continue the species. They have children and families out of love primarily and then I suppose we could argue that children are brought into the world to continue family lines etc. There are so many children the world over who are raised in single parent households so are these children any worse off because they don't have both mother and father to raise them? Again, people would argue this point but I have many friends (my partner included) who were raised by just their mothers or only their fathers and they are no worse off than I am, and I was raised by both my parents! As long as children are raised in safe environments filled with love then in my opinion, that is all that matters! Gay couples are capable of giving as much love to children as heterosexuals can!

Anonymous said...

Well, I really think that's totally fair! I mean, as long as you can love those kids and make sure them feel it, why not?!
Ok, It's not only about love... It's more than that... I assume that parents (gay or str8) should prepare their kids to live in a world without prejudices. Once again, I'm aware that in a real world, those kind of things aren't so damn easy. Thats because you may teach good stuff 2 your son, but what about the other kid's parents? That's why I assume we should focus on our home. Children must grow up knowing that people are used to attackin the others because deep inside, they probably aren't feelin so good with themselves. So, if we were able to analyze the situation, trying to think what is behind the spoken sentence, maybe we would get why each people act like that.. so full of rage and prejudice. In order to answer the main question, I come to another one: "do u think that it is fair not to have kids, and not to share your love with them, just because you're gay?"

Take care, Charl!
I miss you, dude... Here's your brazilian friend, Philipe.

Anonymous said...

aah there isnt a day that goes by that I pray to God to give me a wonderful partner and beautiful children. haha. i personally feel life is so incomplete without children. uhm, i think its perfectly fine for gay couples to have children if they treat them with love and respect. many gay people are so "fabulous" that they would just end up confusing the poor child and eclipsing the childs mental and psychological development. like, the parents will force their gay habits on their child and cause the child to be wired wrong. this has been proven in my psychological studies, that "nurture" rather tahn "nature" plays a very important role in psychological development. if the parents are able to foster a normal unbiased and uneclipsing home for the child than it would be healthy for the child to develop him/her own personality. when it comes to the public, uh, well, i always feel people are so mean. there will always be those kind few in the neighbourhood who will always support and motivate you regardless, but the masses (although they show support for gays) just are just two-faced. they portray grimly-gay oximoronic mood derived attitudes towards gays. peoples horrible attitude towards gays behind closed doors, rubs off on their children and the kids also end up hating gay people. this would make life extremely difficult for the child when he/she goes to school and tells other children that his/her parents are of the same sex. children are very cruel when they are youger and do not understand the world properly. so i guess it would be wise for the parents to send their child to a school where not many people know them personally. the one parent can be daddy, and the other daddys friend :-l. tough, but its gotta be that way in my opinion, to save the child the trauma of public segregation and cruely. bullying and name calling has a severely negative impact on children and it would not be good to let a small child take on such a huge battle. i know many people would oppose this, because we are living in a country where homosexuality is so openly accepeted and celebrated, but i feel it would not be fair for the child to be exposed to shuns, and negativity from kids at such a young age. once the child is older and mature, can the parents explain things better. i also feel im still too young (im only 20) to really know exactly what i would do should i have a child one day, but for now this is the way i feel.

so ja, gay couples should only have kids if they are sure they can provide them the world... guess it works for all couples really. the most important to bringing up a child in a gay household is providing the child with an unbiased, neutral, loving and respectful upbringing.

i for one cant wait to be a daddy, haha.

but.... still gotta find that Mr Right :-l.

love, regards, and well wishes

xoxo Cuteboy

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