Monday, August 23, 2010


"I grew up in fear, and I'm used to it. After a while, the fear becomes a part of life and you stop being afraid."

This is a statement made by an Iranian Gay Rights Activist. In a short article written on Gay life in Iran, some of the people tell of having secret social meetings where they are able to be open to each other and share their stories, while other speak of being set up, kidnaped and raped by Iranian militia.

 When he recalls what he went through, he describes it as if it was a nightmare.

"At that moment when they blindfold you, even though you expect terrible things to happen, you still don't believe it," he says. "I simply cried. When they beat you it's like a dream, you think you'll wake up at any moment."
He almost can't recall the rape, because he fainted almost immediately and woke up to find himself naked and alone in the room.
In an attempt to explain Ahmadinejad's 2007 claim that there are no homosexuals in Iran, Faruh says, "According to religion, there can't be homosexuals – that's what they believe. Religion says we're all the same, we're all normal, get married, have children, and only a few choose to amuse themselves with other things."
"According to Iranian law", he continues, "the only illegal aspect is the act itself of sexual intercourse between men, but in order to be charged, someone needs to witness the act."

Recently they had their version of PRIDE, a quiet meeting in a house, after which they went for a drive, with rainbow flags waving proudly...inside the car.

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