Monday, February 22, 2010

Life since winning the World Title

Wow! What an amazing experience and first two weeks. I want to thank you all personally for supporting me in my endeavours and goal of representing South Africa on a global stage. My fellow competitors were amazing and taught me a significant amount in diversity, cultural adversity and the challenges the LBGT community faces. This has clearly set the goals and objectives for my reign as their global spokesman and new Ambassador.

My first few days back home has made me realise the extent of the tasks that lay ahead, and it has been a whirlwind of events and interviews. However, the most humbling aspect has been the support I have received from all the communities within South Africa, and has made me proud to be a part of the Rainbow Nation that Mr. Mandela envisaged nearly four decades ago. I am proudly South African and embrace the diversity, potential and prospects the country offers on the eve of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Since, returning from my first trip abroad, I need to acknowledge the work and effort the local committee from Mr. Gay SA played in making the event possible and my representation in Oslo possible. Also, the sponsors and supporters of the event have made it comparable to other (major) local pageants.

As a result, my new independent advisors and publicists have enabled me to transition onto the global arena in a seamless manner, which has allowed me to maintain a sense of normality for the moment. Finally, a big thank you to the South African public, Mr. Gay SA, Mr. Gay World, Bone Wear, Collett Dawson and Gavin Borrageiro for everything you have done to help me since my return to SA.

Cheers for now


Anonymous said...

"ali, from Iran"

Anonymous said...

Charl, you are great Mister World!
are you coming visit us in Switzerland?
love you

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