Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hey there all!
Well I trust everybody has recovered from the Christmas and New Years celebrations! Oh, a Happy New Year to you all! Cape Town is most certainly getting back to normal with most of the holiday makers having left for home and their normal lives. Not for too long though, as already we are making room for the influx of people that will be gracing our shores for the Soccer World Cup!!!

I can’t help but feel excited about this year! With such a hectic one behind us, the world is our oyster and yes, this year it’s not about POSSIBILITY, but PROBABILITY! I believe that whatever we put our minds to this year will PROBABLY come to pass! If you have a dream, a goal or a purpose, then this year is the year for you!! This year is the year it will PROBABLY happen!!! We are in such a privileged position in SA and I am reminded of the incredible impact our country felt at the 1995 Rugby World Cup! Remember how one event like that brought an entire nation together when we needed it the most? Remember how during that time people did not care about differences, but instead looked to the one thing that united them? Once again we are at that place! And if there is a difference to be made in our country and continent this year, then it is up to each and every one of us to find that ONE thing that unites us! And let me tell you, it’s not just the Soccer World Cup!
So this year is going to be a busy one for Mr Gay South Africa. As I was sitting with my diary last night, I realised how quickly 365 days are going to go by! But it’s going to be exciting and PROBABLY, at the end of it, we will be able to say, we made a difference! In a month from now, I’ll be heading to Oslo, Norway to compete in the Mr Gay World Ambassador Competition along with 32 other guys! I’m the only one representing not just SA, but also Africa. It is an honour to represent such an incredible country and continent that has so much to offer this world! I will make you all proud and fly the banner as high as I possibly can!

As for other events happening this year, watch this space! It’s going to be a year we will PROBABLY never forget!

Cheers for now


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations Charl and how right you were! Very proud! Peach

clem said...

Congratulations Charles for the World title!
I am the Southern Africa correspondent for Radio France Internationale and would like to do an interview with you when you get back to Cape Town.

You can reach me on or 0842784340


Clémence Petit-Perrot

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

Thanks Clemence. Please contact my Publicist, Collett Dawson on, or Business Advisor & Strategist, Gavin Borrageiro on, to arrange the necessary details for the interview.


Anonymous said...

From all us straight girls, What a loss to us, you are gorgeous. If you change your mind, or should I say your status, please let us know.

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