Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey there all you people!!!

It’s been a week since the crowning of Mr Gay South Africa, and I must say, it has been a pretty hectic week!!! I would have liked to send out this letter sooner but I have been kept busy from the word go with trying to fall back into the swing of things in Cape Town, and also to get used to my ‘new sense of normality’. This is the first time I have actually had time to really sit down and think about the past few weeks and months. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!!
From the time we set our feet in Durban, all still pretty much ‘strangers’ to each other, but it took a nice meal and some socializing at @L’s in Ramsgate to quickly stir up a sense of brotherhood among us, thanks to Jaco and his crew over there! You guys ROCK!!! And Bennie, what a breath taking place you have…thanks for putting us up for the night! I think the only bad thing was having to wake up at 5am in the morning to make the trip back to Durban to board the Sinfonia-lol. There was definitely a sense of excitement despite the puffy eyes and yawns along the way and as we made our way to Durban I found myself thinking about just what we were about to embark on and I knew that this was going to be something special.
For four days we were pressed, and pushed beyond what most of us though we were capable of with a great choreographer Gerrit, and his assistant Jarrod, who took us through each step of the way with a stern hand, yet always with the utmost respect. Gerrit, I can still hear your words…..5 6 7 8 and 1 2 3…..! I love you man!!!! We had a great team looking after us and Peter (or mammie as he became known) it is not easy keeping 15 guys in line and at every venue when they needed to be…so BIG praise to you!!!! I look forward to working with you guys again!!!

So suffice to say, after a week of rehearsals and photo shoots (Duy and Nico……what an incredible team you make…thanks for making us all look awesome despite the bags and tiredness which often was rather obvious-lol!) we finally disembarked and headed off to the Airport. We arrived in Jozi and went straight from OR Thambo to the State Theatre to start rehearsals on the REAL stage. There we were met with the other members of the production, Anne Williams, Dame Judy Page, Jason Greer our stage manager Vanessa, and of course our Director of Operations, Juan Lerm, to name but a few! After another LONG day of rehearsals we finally got home at 23:00 and needless to say we all made a bee-line for our rooms and hopped into bed to catch up on some much needed sleep. The next morning was all systems go again and we got to the State Theatre at 9am! After we all had a go at getting an instant Caribbean tan, we were ready for dress rehearsals….well at least those who were not still sticky from the spray-on tan…lol…

The evening was something I will never forget. From the very first moment we made our appearance on stage to the end I had goose bumps (Jan, I know you know what I mean!) and I could not help BUT smile from ear to ear at the incredible turnout of over 1000 people! With compliments still going around at how incredible the show was, I can not help but feel honoured to say that I was apart of it!
Once again, what a great team to have been privileged, to work with. We ALL made it happen, and we all became a family, standing for one purpose.

Thank you to all the sponsors, the behind the scenes people (you truly were the backbone of the operation) the in front of the scenes people, the designers, choreographers, entertainers, and everybody who had a role in making this projects such a great success! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

So what now?

Well, the work only begins now! The glitz and glam are over and its time to get busy! With a few projects in mind, ill try and keep you all updated about what will be happening this year, where ill be and when ill be there!

So for now, I wish you all well and see you around!


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