Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey there!

Well, if week one was somewhat of a foretaste to what life as Mr Gay South Africa was going to be like, I tell you week two just topped it!

This was another week filled with media interviews and response from the public about Mr Gay South Africa, the pageant and such. With mixed opinions from everybody yet a general consensus that two weeks into my year, we have already been breaking down barriers and challenging mindsets and building a bridge. Let me explain why I say so…

Im sure by now you have all either read, or heard of the article in the Times regarding the nude shoots I did a while back. Well I tell you the response from that was astounding! I was so surprised at the diversity of the opinions. It made me realise just once again how incredible it is to live in SA. In my interview I did on Radio 702/ 567 Cape Talk (which btw was heard even in GREECE), I said that we had not come this far in SA for only one opinion to count. That is exactly what we have fought against in this country! As long as it is an opinion, and not something forced onto others, right. It seems like so far we have challenge mindsets, and got people thinking and talking about issues which are important to them, and let me tell you EVERY OPINION COUNTS, no matter what it is. But I am happy to say that most of the response has been positive, and also form both the gay and straight communities-there's that bridge! I really like to hear what you guys and girls have to say regarding things which are important to you! This is why I am here!

As my heading says, it’s been a challenge to get used to a new sense of ‘normality’. Seeing my face in publications such as the Pink Tongue, the People Magazine (nogal!), on websites and blogs etc, is rather weird! More so is getting used to being called ‘Mr Gay South Africa’ whenever people announce you to a crowd! For a split second I kind of look around wondering ‘mmm.,.who is it, who is it!’ only to hear my name! lol. But to me, im still me. Im still the Charl that my friends have known for so long. I’m still the Charl that serves you coffee in the morning at CafĂ© Manhattan! I’m till the same Charl, but with a greater responsibility to the community which he serves.

Also, some exciting news is that we launched Cape Town Pride this week at the lovely Adam and Eve lounge! I tell you its going to be a blast. With such a dedicated team of volunteers working on it, how can it not be! As much as it’s about celebration and parties, it’s also about creating social conscience within the greater community of Cape Town. I am Gay, and I am Proud of it! It is opportunities like these which set us apart form other countries in Africa where being gay can get you killed! (thinking of Uganda-even though that bill is not passed, the threat is still there). As someone said the other day, we in South Africa form the minority in Africa concerning human rights. We should be proud of being South Africans, and being FREELY GAY in it! This is how social consciousness is created, and this is how we change the world!

So what’s happening in the following week?

Well it remains to be seen I guess. I do know that I will be interviewed by a French journalist on Tuesday, so who knows where that will be published!!! Also ill be working on a small charity benefit and hope to have it sorted by the end of this week! Will keep you all posted!

But for now, I say cheers.
Have an awesome week folks! Catch you later!


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