Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey Ya'll!!
its been about two weeks since i have done anything so i thought i would make up for it by giving my blog a NEW LOOK and some interesting news!!!

i am always amazed at how life works and how things turn out for the best, if you just allow space for development!!! sometimes WE tend to get in the way of the universe working its ways and so we get frustrated because nothing comes to fruition, when all along we simply needed to surrender to LIFE and let LIFE happen!

the past few weeks have been going really slow with arrangements concerning the fundraiser not seeming to get anywhere. i had sooo much on my mind with what i wanted to do, but thought about it so much that i never allowed it to grow on its own! until i was kindly reminded by two really awesome people that i needed to keep my focus on what the actual goal was. i realised once again that we can only do so much..then we need to surrender and let it grow. just like a child is unable to grow if its mother holds onto it, so our dreams and goals in life often get restricted, or even inhibited by our own efforts to ' hold on' to them.

so on Tuesday i went to have a meeting with Glen De Swart from HEALTH4MEN to chat about how the arrangements are going and what has been happening. he gave me a few tips on what i could do and whom i could speak to with regards to marketing and getting the idea out there!
he mentioned that i should get in touch with HEART104.9FM to see if they would be interested in getting involved, as well as speaking to the Dean of Cape Town to see if he would like to attend the event as a guest of honour. after a very successful meeting i left enthused once again...and with about two pages of

i thought id drop by Beaula Bar to say hi to Myrna, the Owner, as i hadn't seen her for ages, and low and behold...there was HEART104.9FM busy setting up for a ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC RALLY to be held in a few minutes. and who was there to attend the rally and give his guessed it...THE DEAN OF CAPE TOWN!!! suffice to say i was a bit gobsmacked!
anyways, long story short, i found myself involved at the rally. meeting new people, telling them about the fundraiser, including speaking with Rev Smith AND BEING INTERVIEWED ON RADIO DURING THEIR DRIVE TIME SHOW (at 17:10pm to be exact-lol)!!!!

I left with a big smile on my face, amazed again at how things work out and how, if you just let the universe take its course, it WILL work together with you to accomplish your dreams and goals!!!

so yea, just a word of encouragement to any of you out there who feel that things don't always go your way...just hang in there! allow life to take its course and don't resist the 'blessings' which come your way..they ARE there, you just need to see them, take the opportunity and run with it!!

till lata, adios!!!


Anonymous said...

'Let Life Happen'...sounds like our Cape Town motto. lol. Not always a bad idea to let situations run their own course. Your event will, no doubt, be an amazing success...supporting you all the way.
Shaun :-)

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

thanx shaun!!!!!
and VERY true to the Cape Town mood!lol

Peter White said...

Go for it Charl - your beauty is as much inner as outer. If anyone deserves this title it would be you. I am rooting for you all the way from Vancouver !! Good luck Peter White x

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

hey Peter!!!
thanx for your support!!!

hope all is well that side~!!!

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