Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hey there guys and gals!

just thought id give a quick update about whats happening on this side!

its week three of my mission to get body and mind into good shape again after a lOOOng absence from the gym, and i have to say, its going AWESOME!!!
i forgot how good it feels to be able to wake up early(and lately without an alarm might i add) and go to gym, knowing that im healthy, body, mind and soul!
its amazing how your perspective changes. the environment around you feels better, you feel 'lighter' and all of a sudden you have a new zest for life and all you want to do is just go out there and enjoy it!

as for the body....yep...its getting there! lol! i have told myself i want to resemble some sort of 'underwear model' by the time the competition comes around and so, in true sagitarian nature, im giving it my all! (you know how we saggies like to to things to the extreme!)

dont get me wrong...i miss a nice little bash, but for now, its focus focus focus!!! im sure there will be enough time to celebrate and have a ball!!! (and dont we know how to do just that girls!-lol)

as far as that fundraiser is concerned, things are looking good. Health4Men (the organization that the funds will be going to) are excited to be onboard! there are also two possible venues for the event, some DJ's that seem keen on giving of their time and now it is just to think of a theme for the night! so if any of you have suggestions, feel free to share!!!

anyway, watch this space, as ill be posting some new pics soon (just to show you boys that i REALLY am working hard) and ill also be giving you an update on how the planning for the fundraiser is going!!!

and now, i am done babbeling!


Anonymous said...

Well keep it up sexy. YOU WILL DO IT !!! Shaun CT

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

thanx for the support SHAUN!!! watch this space as ill be posting my new pix real soon!!!

Peter O said...

hey hey...dont overdo it boy!...you are nearly there...you know we dont all like "muscle-mary's"

Anonymous said...

hey babes
you def have my vote

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

hey there marco...thanx bud!!!!

and peter.....im hardly a mary...lol....and hardly that much muscle.....but i guess a boy can dream!

thanx for your support!

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