Monday, February 14, 2011


So, firstly, I would like to wish you all HAPPY VALENTINES day! so here goes!

I can not believe that exactly a year ago I was in the air heading back from Oslo, Norway, after winning Mr Gay World. Yep, I spent my last Valentines Day eating 'bird food' and getting used to the fact that I had just won an international competition which was weird as I had never won anything else in my life (other than Mr Gay South Africa of course)!

It has been a crazy year, let me tell you! So much has changed, and continue to change but WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! It has only been an HONOUR to serve the global LGBTI community as I have and if I was able to make a differencein ONE person's life, then I achieved my goal! In a month from now, a new bearer to the crown will be in my shoes to represent an ever changing group of people, and looking at the delegates for this year, it seems like it could be a really good competition this year!

So, as part of the last leg of my journey, (it really feels like i have taken part in a year long Amazing Race Show) I will be heading to the Concrete Jungle where dreams are made, THE BIG APPLE, THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS-NEW YORK! I have to say thank you once again to Wilco at Club Travel Honeydew for the awesome flights and accommodation as well as Jarl and his Team in NY. I really can't wait to see you all and see whats happening on your side of the world! Thereafter I'll be heading home for two days and then jet off to the beautiful country of the Philippines for the 2011 Mr Gay World Competition.

Hope you all have a great week ahead and don't be strangers! I'll be posting pictures of my up and coming trip on my blog and also facebook!


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Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed reading your blog. Congrats on winning last year's Mr. Gay World. I hope you you have an amazing year. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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