Friday, July 23, 2010


So anyway, i came back form Berlin, literally packed our backs and three days later we hopped in the car and off to Jozi (for those who don't know, Jozi is what we call Johannesburg) we went!

Patrick and i have been in Jozi for the better part of a month now. Initially i was a bit nervous. I remember our last night in Cape Town, what was supposed to be a quick drink and a goodbey became an entire night of goodbeys, as we went past every one of our favourite spots and naturally bumped into people we knew.
The next day, after saying goodbey to one of my best friends Mo, I had to contain myself (or burts out in tears). We were finally doing it, finally taking that step! I think both Patrick and I had thoughts of turning back, which we both held in until we were too far to turn back!

A month down the line, i must admit that i am enjoying Jhb! Thanks to friends and family that make it worth while being here, not to mention the new friends and family we have met and come to know over the past four weeks! Thank you to you all!

I think both of us have fallen into the Jhb groove and i personally look forward to what Jozi has to offer!

Oh, and if you were wondering what is what that i learnt during my trip to Berlin?

Imagine, walking down a street, and through a GATE that was once a check point that segregated people, in a City and Country that was once the epicentre of a World War, but now Hosts one of the worlds LARGEST Gay Pride events annually! It amazed me once again that not long ago there was NOTHING there. Not long ago, you were killed for being different. Today i can walk down that same street, pass through the same gate and be a tourist in that very city and feel FREE

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