Saturday, June 12, 2010

Can you FEEL it, it is HERE!

So yesterday saw the first game of the first ever FIFA world cup soccer to be held on the African continent!
If there was excitement among fans across the world because they get to see their favourite teams again play in this world class tournament, then you can bet that here in South Arica it was amplified by a million! From the night before when the (first ever) official pre-party was held, you could feel the excitement build up. You could hear the sound of Vuvuzelas blurting out their signature tone from a distance and as the day of the game drew near, so did their sound!

With my own nerves and excitement building up on Friday morning (having to go for an interview at the German Consulate) I could feel a change in the air. The cheerful sound of fans walking the streets (blowing their vuvuz) greeting each other as if they knew each other for years, made me think back to the time of the World Cup Rugby in 1995, and how it had brought our country together. Once again, people had forgotten about what separated us, and focussed on the one thing that not only brought us together, but brought the whole world together on an equal platform, or should I say pitch. Interesting how a sport, where you’d expect fan rivalry and separation, was the one thing that brought people together!

I took a proverbial ‘step back’ and looked at the crowd that had filled up the seats at La Vie (where we ended up watching the Bafana Game). The place was filled with avid soccer fans, as well as people whom had never watch a match in their life (including myself). When that first goal was scored I vividly remember ALL of us jumping up as if we had all just received a jolt of electricity at the same time! The excitement and camaraderie (and vuvu-sounds) that came from that was incredible and I could only ask myself one question…


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