Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, it is Sunday 15 November 2009, and in precisely a week from now I will be in Durban, along with 14 of the most amazing guys in SA on our final evening before we embark on the last stretch of THE MR GAY SOUTH AFRICA COMPETITION!

All I can say is that I can't believe how fast 3 months have gone by, from that Saturday afternoon at the Cape Town Regional till now. It has been an amazing journey and something I know I will always remember. Up to know I have learnt more about myself than I think I ever have. I have realised my potential as a human being to be able to make a difference in my community and have also come to realise that I CAN do anything I put my mind to!

Looking back I am glad I entered this year’s competition. I knew that the bar had been raised and that it was definitely going to be a challenge to take up! And boy has it been a challenge so far!!!! But I love challenges as it always pushes me to grow and mature into a better human being!!

This is the final week of preparations and getting everything ready before I fly to Dbn and embark on the cruise! I really want to thank all of you whom have supported me throughout this competition and I promise to make you guys proud! Like I said right at the beginning, this is not just for me. But for you!!!
I do believe that I can be the next representative of the LGBT. Someone who can take it to the world and be that bridge, so that WE can bring a better understanding to those who might not fully understand what it means to be gay! I stand for every one of you and will do my best to represent you in the best way simply being WHO I AM and showing the world that it IS after all 'normal' to be gay. That it is not a sickness, disease, disposition or any of the 'concepts' or prejudices that people might have about it!!

In the end we all strive to live in this world and we all have a place under the sun to live a life free from judgement and condemnation. We are ALL made up of the same matter, we all breathe air, and we all eat, sleep, laugh and cry. With sooo much in common, why should there be a divide, right?

So here is to each and every guy and girl out there! Thanks for the continued support. I will be sure to hold that banner high and be the guy whom you all believe I can be!
(I will be thinking about you all as we cruise to Mozambique and the lovely Portuguese Island...sipping on a cocktail...enjoying the midnight feast...sandy beaches...sunny get the

Till later


Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Charl. Am so PROUD of you my man!!!! Congratulations on your win. Well deserved!!! Told you that you would win - well and so you did.... May this be a wonderful opportunity for you - with many doors opening. See you when you get back. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!! Stephen

DrawFellas said...

Congrats Dude!

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