Friday, August 21, 2009


Ok so i figured i have quite and interesting issue to chat about today!
and its concerning Caster Semenya and the issue about her sexuality. after reading in today's newspaper about the extensive tests they wanna do to 'determine' her sexuality i was a bit shocked! apparently an examination could involve a gynaecologist, and a psycologist. not to mention possible genetic testing!
the same happened to Indian sprinter Santhi Soundarajan in 2006. after she was scrutinized by other teams she too underwent 'gender verification tests'. it was found that 'she does not possess the sexual characteristics of a woman', and she was stripped from her medal!

so what do you guys think about this?
how must she feel? im sure she knows her sexuality! is is it fair then to atrip her of her medal based on phsycoligical tests or genetic testing?
i want to hear hear your input!!!


Anonymous said...

Well I think it's only fair to everyone that she had testing done, after all it would not be fair if found not be a woman. I just hope that SA did all they could before letting her compete internationally. Well that's what I think... Shaun CT

Anonymous said...

Hey Charl. Great blog. I really wish you well with the competition - and i am sure you will come back with the big prize. Rest assured that there will be many of the Manhatten's patrons and others too that will be holding thumbs for you. The topics on your blog are very interesting too and keep up the positive thoughts too. We are with you!! Good luck!!!! Stephen

Charl-Van-Den-Berg said...

yo stephen!!!!

thanx for the support my man...really aesome!!!!
ill try my best to make this blog an interesting page for everybody to read.....and please....feel free to suggest any topics of conversation....etc....i wanna hear your thoughts too....or ask me mine!!

ciao for now!!!

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